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The Decimal-Watch

The movement of this watch has been modified to a decimal time indication. As imposed during the French Revolution in 1793 the day is divided into 10 decimal hours of 100 minutes each. Thanks to a new gear-train the minute hand turns 10 times a day (initially 24 times) whereas the hour hand turns only once in the same time. This calculation requires some training, that is why there is a conversion table on the back of the watch. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43mm and two anti-reflective sapphire glasses.
Number of turns by each hand:
Hour hand: 1 turn a day (initially 2 turns)
Minute hand: 10 turns a day (initially 24 turns)
Second hand (when existing) 1.000 turns a day (initially 1.440 turns)
current dezimal time:

2 hands


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The Decimal-Watch Demo