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unusual Time Indications

Our specialties are unusual time indications. We always try to find new ideas to show the time differently. The "simplest" odd way to indicate the time is probably the regulator with a different dial for each hand. We have various models of that kind. Watches with only one hand or hour hand belong also to the quite simple time indications whereas retrograde and anterograde time indications are more special and sometimes need a second look on it to read time. The most extraordinary watch we have at the moment is the decimal watch. It divides the day (an entire rotation of the earth) into 10 hours of 100 decimal minutes.  We also produce small series of 10 to 30 watches that we dedicate to a specific style such as Art Deco, Jugendstil or Bauhaus.
The model JANUS is even meant to be worn with the movement clearly visible on the front side. The dial is placed on the back of the watch.